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For Enterprises

MIMIC® Simulator Suite

A Powerful Network Environment Simulator

MIMIC Virtual Lab Enterprise

  • Easy Evaluation, Testing and Training in Enterprise IT environment

For Cisco Training Organizations or Individuals looking for training aids

Highly Affordable Simulators

MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA

  • A realistic training tool for CCNA certification
  • Online and Desktop versions
  • For beginners to familiarize with the complex environment
  • For experts to sharpen their skills
  • Connect with Cisco Router and Switches using a large set of IOS commands

Kaplan IT CCNA Simulator

  • A trusted name in test prep
  • CCNA Certification Courses along with MIMIC Simulator

For SNMP Agent Testing


  • The #1 Selling SNMP Agent Testing Software - Complementary to SNMP Simulation