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MIMIC® GNMI Simulator

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MIMIC GNMI Simulator simulates the OpenConfig gNMI specification as detailed in this page .

MIMIC Protocol Support

MIMIC GNMI Simulator simulates the following components to approximate a gNMI server:

  1. gNMI: the simulations.
  2. : MIMIC simulates the

The MIMIC Product Suite

  • MIMIC Simulator: Simulates an entire network. Configurations are run-time customizable. MIMIC responds to queries on any of its configured IP addresses, so it is as if the NMS application is talking to actual devices.
  • MIMICView: A user-friendly GUI to manipulate the simulations.
  • MIMIC Shell: A command-line interface.
  • Discovery Wizard: Discover, record and simulate networks in a single step.
  • MIB Wizard: Import and compile multiple MIBs simultaneously.
  • Simulation Wizard: Build a custom simulation quickly just by specifying the MIBs needed; seeding the simulation with values; specifying default values to use; or entering custom values.
  • Topology Wizard: Create topologies of devices, networks, their interfaces and interconnections.
  • Update Wizard: Provides notification of product updates and optional add-ons.
  • Libraries: Include devices from leading device vendors, like Cisco, Lucent, Nortel, and small and large networks, and over 1,200 MIBs.
  • Platforms: Supports Windows®, Solaris™, Linux™ and Amazon Cloud. (details)