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Gambit's Lab Partners are independent testing labs and educational institutions dedicated to testing and evaluating network management products and technologies from the industry's leading vendors.

The following companies are Gambit's current Lab Partners:

  • The Tolly Group
  • Miercom
  • The Network World Global Test Alliance
  • CT Labs
  • Network Computing Labs
  • The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA)
  • Easy Software
  • The Tolly Group Open or Close

    The Tolly Group is the networking industry's premier independent test lab. It has conducted testing for virtually every major vendor and evaluated the most important products and technologies to appear over the past decade. And in many cases, The Tolly Group has tested these solutions not once but many times, tracking products as they evolve and markets as they mature. Its strategic recommendations are always based on first-hand experience, rather than abstract trend analysis or simple customer surveys.

    The Tolly Group has incorporated Gambit Communications MIMIC Simulator into the Test Tool Pavilion. MIMIC enhances The Tolly Group's lab environment, allowing the creation of very large, heterogeneous network environments in order to test thoroughly management applications.

  • Miercom Open or Close

    Miercom, founded in 1988, is an independent networking consultancy and product test center located in Princeton Junction, NJ. The company pioneered the comparative assessment of networking hardware and software, having developed methodologies for testing products from ATM switches to voice-over-IP equipment. Miercom is the Business Communications Review preferred lab called upon for Best-in-Test reviews, and is a proud member of the Network World Test Alliance. Miercom is the undisputed leader in the independent networking validation industry, and sets the standard for credible, competent, unbiased, and realistic testing. Additional information on Miercom's reports and services can be found at

  • The Network World Test Allianc Open or Close

    The Network World Test Alliance comprises many of the premier reviewers in the network industry. Each brings to bear years of experience testing products in his area of expertise. We leverage their knowledge and work with them to construct real-world tests, the results of which help readers make more informed buying decisions.

  • CT Labs Open or Close

    CT Labs, a full service testing and analysis lab serving Computer Telephony (CT) and IP Telephony (IPT) product manufacturers. CT-Labs areas of expertise include CT testing automation in IP Telephony, telephone user interfaces (TUI), and graphical user interfaces (GUI).

  • Network Computing Open or Close

    Network Computing performs hands-on product reviews in their Real-World Labs® co-located on the sites of two large universities, a Fortune 100 corporation, as well as bench-test facilities, which enables them to test products in real-world environments.

  • The Storage Networking Open or Close

    Industry Association (SNIA)was incorporated in December 1997 and is a registered 501-C6 non-profit trade association. Our members are dedicated to "ensuring that storage networks become complete and trusted solutions across the IT community".

    The SNIA works towards this goal by forming and sponsoring technical work groups, by producing (with our strategic partner Computerworld) the Storage Networking World Conference series, by building and maintaining a vendor neutral Technology Center in Colorado Springs, and by promoting activities that expand the breadth and quality of the storage networking market.

    The SNIA's ability to accomplish its goals is directly attributed to the dedication and hard work of hundreds of volunteers from our member companies.

  • Easy Software Open or Close

    Easy Software is a consultant company with focus on network management. Our customers are small to medium sized companies (300 - 3000 users) which need help and support to getting started with network management of the more and more vitally important networks and computers.

    We have our own program development, and teaching courses within the area SNMP & Network Management.