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We are proud of what our customers have to say about us:

MIMIC Simulator

  • Hewlett-Packard Company Open or Close

    Kelly Smith, OVBU R&D, Software Infrastructure Services Lab

    "MIMIC has proven to be an extremely useful solution for testing HP/Openview. For example, we use MIMIC for regression and integration testing. By using MIMIC, we can create controlled test environments that won't change, which is not feasible in a physical test environment. We also use MIMIC for scalability testing. MIMIC has allowed us to add not only a large number of devices to our testing environment, but also to add rare devices that are not easily accessible."

    MIMIC has saved us both time and money, and it has greatly improved our testing abilities.

    Bruce Trull, Engineering Manager

    "We have significantly improved our software development execution with MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator.

    Engineers now have the ability to design/develop/unit-test products against agents defined in MIMIC, rather than incurring the cost associated with allocating a dedicated hardware device per development engineer.

    It also alleviates the serial dependencies by allowing software development to progress concurrently with hardware development."

  • Alcatel-Lucent Open or Close

    Mark Truhlar, Vice President, General Manager of IP Telephony

    "MIMIC has saved Xylan over $500,000 in expenses related to software development. It is one of the few development products that we can depend on to keep pace with our development needs - the fact that they're already supporting SNMP V3 speaks for itself. And as a former CIO, I would not hesitate to use this simulation tool in a large enterprise environment, not only for the cost savings but also the ability to perform applications like disaster recovery simulation which would be almost impossible without a tool like this."

    Alcatel-Lucent- Patrick Kirby, Director, NMS Development

    "XYLAN Corporation is using MIMIC® SNMP Agent Simulator for simulating XYLAN devices for development and testing of the X-Vision network management software.

    As part of a Sales/Demo program, the MIMIC simulation engine will drive our Network Management Application demo CD. This will enable our Sales organization to show our customers the ease of use of our management applications without the expense of having to hook up the actual devices."

  • Avaya - Bob Shaw, Marketing Engineer Open or Close

    "With MIMIC simulating the hardware, the sales force can show Cajun View exactly as they would on a live network, Customers can see how Cajun View handles alarms, how easily devices are diagnosed and configured, and how the different switched network segments are monitored simultaneously. MIMIC is totally transparent to the sales force, so there's no additional training time involved."

  • Cisco - Michael Lammon, Software Engineer Open or Close

    " We have been using MIMIC SNMP and Web Simulator in our Solution Testing for Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) for more than a year. MIMIC made a complex task of testing many applications related to this solution, in variety of scenarios much easier. Without MIMIC it would have been very hard for us to execute our scale testing for HCS Customer On-Boarding. "

  • Broadcom - Carl Hartman, VP of development partner programs Open or Close

    "By integrating its SNMP Agent Simulator with the inherent management capabilities of Unicenter TNG®, our clients will enjoy a tremendously powerful combination of management functions for SNMP-based applications.

    This useful capability enables Unicenter TNG clients to evaluate applications before purchase, and test current and future network scenarios without compromising the stability of their existing networks."

  • Computer Associates/Nimsoft Open or Close

    Jay Martin, Director of Network Infrastructure Engineering

    "The Gambit Communications personnel consistently exhibit a can do attitude given our unique business model. Everyone from the sales team to the technical staff was able to understand our requirements and package a solution that has really worked quite well for us. They really took the time to understand our needs and go the extra mile.

    Our business model is based on a one-to-many model, which means that we must be able to provide 24x7 visibility to hundreds of customers and thousands of objects from a few Monitoring Points-Of-Presence TM (M-POPs TM). MIMIC was the only way to test this level of scalability for our services without bringing in dozens and dozens of servers and network devices."

    Stephen Elliot, E-Services Manager

    "With MIMIC, InteQ's engineers are able to perform real-world simulations to test the performance, reliability, and look and feel of management services before they're put into production."

  • Computer Associates, Belgium Open or Close

    Raymond Peeters, Marketing Manager

    "Creating networks to properly demonstrate the capabilities of these advanced software tools is an expensive proposition. MIMIC allows us to demonstrate our software with minimal hardware and lab overhead expense - allowing us to show how Computer Associates tools manage the Ebackbone at Espeed."

    Carl Hartman, VP of development partner programs

    "By integrating its SNMP Agent Simulator with the inherent management capabilities of Unicenter TNG®, our clients will enjoy a tremendously powerful combination of management functions for SNMP-based applications.

    This useful capability enables Unicenter TNG clients to evaluate applications before purchase, and test current and future network scenarios without compromising the stability of their existing networks."

  • IBM - Bob Garvey, Director of Applicatication Pack product management Open or Close

    "MIMIC is important to everything we do. It enables us to immediately incorporate support for many hardware devices, often while they're still in beta. Not only does MIMIC simulate the device, but it also simulates loads of traffic just like a busy, service provider network. The combination of MIMIC and PROVISO enables NSPs to rapidly roll out new services knowing that they have a tested and proven service assurance solution."

  • Nlyte Software - Gary Paquette, General Manager, Technology Asset ManagementOpen or Close

    " The development and quality assurance teams at Nlyte Software (a Carrier Company) use the MIMIC Simulator Suite from Gambit Communications to simulate network and device data for the development and testing of our Nlyte Asset Explorer product. Asset Explorer scans networks for hardware and software assets and MIMIC provides precisely the sort of simulated network data that is required to develop these capabilities. This greatly increases use case coverage without having to purchase large amounts of hardware to obtain accurate results of simulating all types of network devices. "

  • EDS - David Sleigher, Systems administrator Open or Close

    "MIMIC® made my job easier by not having to carry a SAP/R3 Server for demonstrations of CA-Unicenter software. MIMIC saved us the $ 10,000 price of the alternative solution in hardware/ software. We can do demos faster and make quicker sales."

  • U.S. Army - Leonard A. Kirchner, Senior System Administrator Open or Close

    " You guys are the best support team I have experienced. Quick, Friendly, Knowledgeable and have a great SNMP Simulator product!"

  • American Power Conversion Open or Close

    C. J. Meiser, Senior Product Manager

    "Without MIMIC, it would have been extremely difficult and costly to make the level of scalability claims that we do."

    Brad Hammond, Software Program Manager

    "We looked at other simulators, but MIMIC was easier to use. It also supports Linux, which we use in our development environment. Basically, our biggest requirement was scalability, and MIMIC was the only product on the market that fit the bill."

  • InfoVista - Bob Verboski, Project/Pre-Sales Manager Open or Close

    "MIMIC has really simplified our trade show demo set-up and proven to be a powerful sales tool. In the past, we had to budget for demo devices — figuring out which devices would best show the strengths of our software. With MIMIC, we've virtually eliminated the demo hardware budget and its related shipping and set up costs, not to mention the booth real estate required for racks of hardware product that we don't even sell. Now, we offer our personnel the flexibility to demonstrate InfoVista in scenarios that make sense to our diverse audience of enterprises, telcos, service providers, and outsourcers."

  • Fujitsu Software Corporation - Ray Holland, Director of Engineering Open or Close

    "We have been using MIMIC for more than a year for development and testing of our product, NetPrism. MIMIC has not only saved us equipment capital cost but also development time. MIMIC has helped us reach our aggressive milestones for releasing NetPrism. We are very excited about using it at trade shows for demonstration of our products. Our customers demos are very powerful combining both real hardware and the MIMIC Virtual Lab."

  • T-Soft, Israel - Oleg Kaplan, VP Operation Open or Close

    "MIMIC simulator is positioned in the core of our development process. It is a very effective tool in the R&D department of OSS software vendors like T-Soft.

    There is no doubt that the use of MIMIC significantly simplifies the cycle of adding new vendors/technology support to our product portfolio. "

  • Alvarion Ltd, Israel Mark Alon, Open or Close

    Mark Alon, Alpha Department Manager, Research & Development

    " Alvarion is dedicated to delivering seamless wireless broadband networking infrastructure to carriers, ISPs and private network operators, in order to leverage their broadband opportunities into sustainable profits.

    When we started to tests our NMS (Network Management Software) we started to look for a SNMP agent simulator, which would provide us easily operation, support for a large amount of simulated devices, good performance, good technical support and many more.

    The evaluation was done between several SNMP agent simulator providers and MIMIC from Gambit Communications, Inc was the winner with many spare points. Until today all our NMS tests and benchmarks are based on MIMIC agent simulator and I sincerely recommend trying and using this product. "

  • Marconi - Frank Radish, Network Management Test Open or Close

    "We have been using MIMIC® SNMP Agent Simulator to verify that our ForeView® Network Management solution can handle extremely large ATM networks.

    With MIMIC we can simulate hundreds of ATM switches linked together via thousands of ATM links. Besides allowing us to simulate very large networks, MIMIC also makes it very easy to create specific "canned" scenarios for regression testing.

    MIMIC complements our testing methodologies very well, permitting us to execute some tests which would be impractical using hardware, and allowing us to test against simulated hardware before we can get it from manufacturing."

  • Terayon Communication Systems Ltd., Israel - Eli Greenhut, SQA Manager Open or Close

    "We have been using MIMIC for a few years for testing Terayon's management systems.

    We use MIMIC in Functional Testing to simulate a controlled device behavior by using its built-in features and our own scripts. MIMIC is also very helpful in Scalability Testing where we can increase the number of devices in the lab without addition of real devices. From an economical point of view there is no need to have a large laboratory anymore and the maintenance overhead is minimal. In Load Testing we are using MIMIC to simulate a large number of events such as trap storms.

    We could not have fully covered all Test Cases and all configurations without the use of MIMIC. MIMIC makes the testing process shorter and efficient for the QA team as well as the developers who are using the simulations during development and Integration Testing."

  • Applied Innovation Inc. - Sherri Whisman, Manager, Verification Test Open or Close

    "Through the use of the MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator we significantly reduced our performance load testing time. We were able to simulate 250 of our proprietary SNMP agents with a single network connection.M

    We are very impressed with the response from the support staff at Gambit. It took us approximately one hour to have a test scenario configured and running to test our application."

  • The Denver Cisco Users Group Mike Vinton, Chairman Open or Close

    " An IOS simulator will be beneficial to both training providers and network engineers. A simulation tool, such as MIMIC IOS Simulator, can significantly strengthen Cisco certification and router training programs. In addition, students will find it effective as a self-study tool for learning about Cisco device management. "

  • Accuoss - Rodney Rindels, Managing Partner Open or Close

    "MIMIC is the only simulation tool that gives me full flexibility to automate and do my pre production testing. I would recommend this to any NMS engineers needing to do validation testing of their NMS rules or performance management threshold testing. "

  • Bigtime Software - John Weber, Network Management Consultant Open or Close

    "MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator has been indispensable in assisting with the development of management software in advance of new hardware devices.

    By testing against models of devices still under development, we were much further ahead with the software implementation when the actual devices became available.

    MIMIC also presents a more cost effective solution for developers who require exclusive access to a wide range of devices when debugging."

  • InterWorking Labs - Chris Wellens, President and CEO Open or Close

    “Gambit’s MIMIC product used with SilverCreek, the SNMP Test Suite, provides an expanded test environment for our customers to easily and conveniently run tests against more SNMP agents. We feel this will be a valuable addition to their test infrastructure.”

  • ISR Global Telecom - Ed Draiss, Sales Applications Engineer Open or Close

    "MIMIC is used to simulate agents in all phases of our OSSnet network management software development life cycle. It has been used for rapid prototyping, development and test of the ISR OSSnet Application Framework. OSSnet Application Framework provides out-of-the-box management of telecom equipment using JAVA based GUIs over a CORBA backbone.

    MIMIC has provided simulation of network equipment to verify that the OSSnet Application Framework will effectively manage disparate technologies such as ATM, AIN, Wireless, WDM and SONET.

    MIMIC has proven to be a very user friendly tool which is supported by a Gambit staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful.

    MIMIC is also used at the trade shows attended by ISR Global Telecom. The simulated MIMIC SNMP agents provide the capability of demonstrating the OSSnet Application Frameworks management of SNMP agents."

MIMIC Virtual Lab

  • St. Petersburg College - Open or Close

    Matt Basham, Program Director and the Author of "Learning by Doing"

    "As a big proponent of 'learning by doing' I can honestly say that MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA is the closest thing to having the real equipment in front of you. I have tried many different simulators but none are as easy and as comprehensive as MIMIC Virtual Lab. Two thumbs up for the great product -- a must have for anyone serious about Cisco certifications."

  • Kaplan IT Learning April Browne, Director of Product Management Open or Close

    " Having used Gambit<92>s MIMIC Virtual Lab as a part of our CCNA curriculum for the last two years, we are happy to see this critical learning tool available on the iPhone and iPad,The powerful interface on the iCCNAlab app makes navigation through various devices quick and intuitive. It leverages the iPhone style well, and at the same time, showcases a wide range of devices, commands and tutorials. We think this app is something the students can truly embrace as a certification tool for use at anytime. "

  • Tech 2000, Inc. (Cisco Learning Partner) Open or Close

    George Churchwell, President

    "MIMIC Virtual Lab has an unbelievable value for Cisco certifications and training organizations. It dramatically reduces the cost of a lab and provides realistic simulations."

    Dennis Griffin, Instructor (CCSI, CCNP)

    "As an "on-demand" learning tool, the MIMIC Virtual Lab represents a realistic and highly scalable alternative to physical laboratory equipment. While the benefits to students preparing for certification exams are obvious, the real benefit is accessibility to a proficiency tool which can be continuously changed as the user's needs change. This is simply prohibitive without simulation technologies such as MIMIC."

  • Franklin UniversityOpen or Close

    Todd Whittaker, Program Chair, Information Technology

    "MIMIC Virtual Lab is helping us to achieve the educational outcomes we have set for the IT program. Unlike many traditional colleges and universities, Franklin wants its students to apply on the job tomorrow the skills learned in class today and MIMIC Virtual Lab helps us to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Moreover, the people at Gambit Communications have been exceptionally helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable throughout the implementation of this course."

Analyst Testimonials

  • McConnell Associates - John McConnell, President Open or Close

    About MIMIC Simulator

    "In e-business application deployment, there is no room for guesswork. Software vendors are under tremendous pressure to deliver applications with superior performance immediately, there is precious time to get it right after the fact. Vendors using MIMIC during development and testing can assure clients that applications are scalable and ready for enterprise deployment. Many vendors have demonstrated that using MIMIC reduces their development costs as well as the time-to-market cycle."

    About MIMIC IOS Simulator

    "Adding Cisco IOS support greatly strengthens MIMIC Simulator's position in the marketplace. IOS enjoys a very large installed base, and now enterprises as well as management application developers can simulate a complete Cisco network environment. This allows them to test more efficiently their applications before roll-out or release in order to ensure scalability, interoperability and user satisfaction."

  • Enterprise Management Associates - Dennis Drogseth, Vice President Open or Close

    About MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator

    "MIMIC 4.00 is a well focused evolution of Gambit's SNMP agent simulation tool. With the new wizards plus MIMIC's extensive device libraries and pre-recorded networks, this version is well adapted for large customer enterprises as well as developers. Enterprises will find the tool effective for evaluating management software, and for performing applications like operator training and disaster simulation."

    About MIMIC Cable Modem Similator

    "By integrating cable modem management simulation, Gambit is ahead of the curve in addressing the need for managing converging services. EMA dialog with users shows that MIMIC can accelerate time to market as well as cutting costs for management software developers. This breadth of support will be a welcome addition for many Service Providers."

  • Ptak Associates, Inc. - Rich Ptak, President Open or Close

    " MIMIC Virtual Lab provides valuable pre-deployment performance testing capability. It economically avoids the difficulties of simulating different environments with an insufficient number of test devices. MIMIC allows quick setup of a variety of pre-defined test environments while easily simulating the conditions encountered in a typical production network. "

  • The Tolly Group - Kevin Tolly, Presidenti & CEO Open or Close

    " We are pleased to have Gambit Communications as part of our Test Tool Pavilion. Gambit's MIMIC Simulator allows us to simulate large virtual networks without the time consuming and costly build out of a traditional lab. "

  • META Group - Jerald Murphy, Vice President of Global Networking Strategies Open or Close

    "Vendors, service providers, and enterprise IT organizations can save time and money by simulating SNMP device behaviour with automated SNMP simulation tools. Automated SNMP simulation allows systems, hardware, software, and services vendors to demonstrate how their products will support complex network needs and how they will work in particular scenarios, without the cost of equipment or time and complexity of setup that has historically been involved."

  • Miercom Testing Labs - Rob Smithers, President Open or Close

    "MIMIC IOS Simulator is a welcome addition to the arsenal of test tools utilized by Miercom labs. Being able to simulate Cisco devices is important in creating real-world scenarios in the test lab environment. In addition, MIMIC offers a huge cost savings by reducing or outright eliminating the need for extensive equipment infrastructures in the lab."