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Welcome to the next generation of MIMIC Virtual Lab!

This page demonstrates a cloud of CCNA lab pods hosted within MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud. You can connect to a pod to practice Cisco IOS commands on different Cisco Routers and Switches. The commands can be completely free-form, or guided from a customized tutorial script.

MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud is completely customizable. If you don't see something you need, just ask us. For this demonstration we are running a total of 100 pods.

The Online Lab

To connect

This demo allows you a 30 minute connection, but rental periods can be any length, from days to months. Contact our sales department at to rent any number of pods for any amount of time.


The intention of this page is for the evaluation purpose only. The connection will terminate after 30 minutes. You will lose any changes to the configuration after that. It is possible that other users are accessing the same device at the same time you are. Gambit reserves the right to change or disconnect the online lab at any point in time.