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Verifying Managment Application Performance

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How can your company be certain that its new element managers or management applications will live up to performance claims? This can be very difficult to achieve. With the number of managed devices available, it is financially impossible to try to maintain a lab with even an adequate sampling of these devices. Therefore, many performance claims are based on probabilities and educated guesses.

If your application under development relies on a new device that is under development, this will undoubtedly cause additional delays. Even though some management application development can be achieved in parallel, developers and testers typically have to wait until the new hardware is ready and the SNMP agent is running before doing serious integration work. If the application is dependent upon third-party devices, it is even more difficult to coordinate integration testing for a timely release. This puts the development team in the unenviable position of having to wait for the arrival of a device in order to test the true performance and capabilities of the application. Due to this waiting period, the management applications normally are not available when the new network device reaches the market.

MIMIC Simulator helps resolve these issues. By creating a "virtual lab," developers enjoy unlimited access to virtual hardware devices - it's like giving each developer and tester their own personal lab. Realistic testing of the application against the simulation early on significantly reduces problems found in later stages of testing. In addition, instead of waiting for a new device to exercise specialized functionality, an agent simulation substitutes for the actual hardware product being developed. MIMIC's Simulation Wizard helps to create a device simulation with the new MIBs. You can choose to change the default values based on your needs. In this way developers can get access to the new hardware's attributes much earlier in the development cycle. This will ensure that management applications perform as expected and also will reduce the product's "time to market".

MIMIC provides a win-win solution. Developers are able to ensure that they provide the highest quality management applications that have been tested in all types of scenarios, and customers will appreciate receiving their new hardware with network management software. Also, the need for pre-release devices is minimized, which gives the company more hardware for the "real" customers.

Have you ever noticed that some of our customers and partners display the "MIMIC Verified" logo on their web sites, packaging or marketing materials? They display the logo because they use MIMIC precisely in the way described above. They feel confident their applications perform exactly as they say they do, and in most cases, even better!

The "MIMIC Verified" logo indicates they have thoroughly tested their products and verified their performance.In addition, it provides an industry-recognized standard of quality for network management. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the "MIMIC Verified" logo program can help deliver the message of quality to your customers.

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