NextComputing and Gambit Communications Combine Leading Hardware and Software
Solutions to Provide Ultimate Scalability for Network Simulation Applications

For Immediate Release: February 18, 2008, -- NextComputing, manufacturers of high performance, portable computers, and Gambit Communications, the leading network simulation tools provider, bring together the best in hardware and software solutions for network simulation. Both companies are based in Nashua, NH, and share the common goals of increasing scalability and efficiency while lowering cost for simulation applications in the test and measurement industry.

Gambit Communications brings to the table its leading simulation software, MIMICĀ® Simulator Suite, featuring the ability to simulate up to 20,000 devices from one workstation, user-friendly wizards for recording large production networks, creating device simulations and network topologies in the test lab, and provides full support for SNMP (v1, v2, v3), IPMI, DHCP, TFTP, RMON (1, 2) as well as Telnet/Cisco IOS. MIMIC allows for the testing of multiple scenarios and configurations virtually.

When combined with the powerful, portable, line of NextDimension flextop computers from NextComputing, MIMIC's capabilities are maximized. The joint solution eliminates the need for lots of additional equipment, shortens test timelines, and lowers cost for large networks with 10,000 nodes or more. The portable NextDimension allows testing to be done on site and in various locations. Functional applications include: development and testing, evaluation, trade shows, sales demos, and training environments.

"Performance scalability is enhanced when utilizing MIMIC on the NextComputing NextDimension system. We are able to simulate larger networks with much faster response time due to better CPU performance, thereby reducing the equipment needed for test applications," explains Pankaj Shah, Vice President of Marketing at Gambit Communications.

NextComputing's NextDimension family of flextop computers are open standards, modular, and incorporate the best performing dual core processors from AMD, as well as quad core processors from Intel. Gambit Communications tested MIMIC on a NextDimension Pro HD with two dual core AMD Opteron(TM) 2.2 GHz processors, and two 100GB/7200RPM HDDs by Seagate Technology. This configuration performed extremely well for testing, results coming in at 30-50% better than other platforms tested against.

About Gambit Communications:

Founded in 1995, Gambit Communications is a leader in network and SNMP simulation tools that enhance the productivity of management software developers and enterprise users while lowering their costs. MIMIC Simulator is a modular family of simulators used by leading networking vendors for use in applications from development and testing to operator training and disaster simulations. Gambit Communications' portfolio of over 400 customers includes: IBM, JP Morgan, VISA, Shell, US Army, US Air Force, CA, HP, Cisco, Intel, AT&T, MCI, Nortel, Alcatel Lucent, BMC, InfoVista, and Ericsson. For more information on Gambit and MIMIC, please visit

MIMIC provides an inexpensive way for enterprises, device vendors, management software developers and outsourcers to evaluate, test, demo, develop, train and certify management applications without purchasing equipment and maintaining labs for those functions. MIMIC has the ability to simulate up to 20,000 devices from one workstation. MIMIC simulations can be distributed over multiple platforms for enterprise simulation testing of even larger environments. MIMIC includes user-friendly wizards for importing new MIBs, recording large networks, creating device simulations and network topologies, and provides full support for SNMP(v1, v2, v3), DHCP, TFTP, RMON(1, 2) as well as Telnet/Cisco IOS.

About NextComputing: One of the first in a unique breed of technology companies to specialize in high-performance, small form factor, portable computing solutions, NextComputing focuses on a few key vertical industries, including Test and Measurement.

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