InteQ Chooses Gambit’s MIMIC Simulator


Only simulator to address scalability and diversity of enterprise networks


Nashua, NH – April 2, 2001 Gambit Communications today announced that InteQ Corporation, the enterprise Management Service Provider (MSP), has chosen the MIMICTM Simulator for use in its development and operations areas.  After an exhaustive search and testing period, InteQ’s engineers have determined that MIMIC is the only simulator that can meet InteQ’s scalability, object support, parameter flexibility and platform requirements.


InteQ’s InfraWatch™ management service provides proactive monitoring, notification and Web-based reporting on the health of complex IT and Internet infrastructures comprised of all types of networking gear, servers, databases and applications from vendors around the world.  “Our business model is based on a one-to-many model, which means that we must be able to provide 24x7 visibility to hundreds of customers and thousands of objects from a few Monitoring Points-Of-Presence™ (M-POPs™),” explained Jay Martin, Director of Network Infrastructure Engineering at InteQ.  “MIMIC was the only way to test this level of scalability for our services without bringing in dozens and dozens of servers and network devices.”


“We are very pleased with InteQ’s choice of the MIMIC Simulator,” said Uwe Zimmermann, President of Gambit Communications. “MIMIC’s powerful suite of simulation tools provides InteQ’s engineers with the capability to create an exact copy of their customers’ networks. Combining this capability with MIMIC’s extensibility and scalability, InteQ can assure their customers of their ability to meet future IT management demands.”


With MIMIC, InteQ can set up virtual customer labs that simulate real IT environments, avoiding the capital cost and administrative headaches of setting up a massive physical lab. In addition, this affords InteQ the ability to more easily develop custom management for their clients. Therefore, InteQ assures excellence in management and customer satisfaction.


“With MIMIC, InteQ’s engineers are able to perform real-world simulations to test the performance, reliability, and look and feel of management services before they’re put into production,” said Stephen Elliot, E-Services Manager at InteQ. “InteQ’s background in IT service management consulting and management services gives us the knowledge base to innovate and attract mid-sized and large enterprises to our service offerings.  MIMIC allows us to quickly implement those innovations and meet the growing customer demand for IT management services.”


About InteQ

InteQ Corporation, founded in 1995 and based in Burlington, Massachusetts, is the IT industry’s first Management Service Provider (MSP). As the leading MSP for the e-economy, InteQ rapidly enables enterprises, e-businesses and service providers to bring reliability and predictability to their IT environments. Delivered on a subscription basis, InteQ InfraServices™ monitor, notify, track and report on IT problems, availability, capacity and performance, enabling clients to focus on their core business. InteQ delivers InfraServices 7x24x365 via its highly secure MSPnet™ network leveraging co-location facilities for immediate provisioning. For more information on InteQ, visit the company’s Web site at or call 1-888-4IT-MGMT.


MIMIC provides an inexpensive way for enterprises, device vendors, management software developers and outsourcers to demo, test, develop, train and certify management applications without purchasing equipment and maintaining labs for those functions. MIMIC has the ability to simulate up to 10,000 SNMP-based devices from one workstation. MIMIC simulations can be distributed over multiple platforms for enterprise simulation testing of even larger environments.  MIMIC includes user-friendly wizards for importing new MIBs, recording large networks, creating device simulations and network topologies, and provides full support for SNMP(v1, v2, v3), DHCP and TFTP, as well as RMON(1, 2).

About Gambit Communications, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Gambit Communications is a leader in network simulation tools that enhance the productivity of network management developers and enterprise users while lowering their costs. MIMIC Simulator is a family of simulators used by leading networking vendors for use in applications from development and testing to operator training and disaster simulations.  Gambit Communications’ portfolio of over 100 customers includes: Computer Associates, HP, MCI, Lucent, Xylan, GTE, APC, Quallaby, Seagate, InfoVista, Fujitsu, Marconi, Nortel, and Ericsson.  For more information on Gambit and MIMIC, please visit

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