The Global Tivoli Software Community welcomes
Gambit Communications as a new Platinum Sponsor of the website!

Jersey City, NJ November 20, 2007 -- The Global Tivoli Software (TUG) Community and Group Intelligence, Inc. is pleased to announce Gambit Communications as the newest platinum sponsor of the global community. Gambit's network and SNMP simulation software, MIMIC Simulator, enhances the productivity and lowers the costs of enterprise management and is used by IBM and Tivoli users for simulating large test labs.

"This is an excellent partnership for us," said Uwe Zimmermann, President of Gambit Communications, Inc. "when you look at our core customer and the demographics of the group, it's a perfect match. We are enthusiastic about the opportunity to reach so many Tivoli professionals, and to be able to connect with them through the tools offered on the website."

As part of the sponsorship, Gambit Communications has also been included in the Tivoli Member and Vendor Partnering Zone , and will be posting updated information on their news, upcoming events and product information.

Global Tivoli User Community Council representative Jos Verschuuren stated, "on behalf of the TUG community I welcome and thank Gambit Communications for their commitment of sponsorship, it is through these much needed sponsorship dollars that the community is able to continue its evolution and improve on the services we provide to the TUG members."

More about Gambit Communications:

Founded in 1995, Gambit Communications is a leader in network and SNMP simulation tools that enhance the productivity of management software developers and enterprise users while lowering their costs. MIMIC Simulator is a modular family of simulators used by leading networking vendors for use in applications from development and testing to operator training and disaster simulations. Gambit Communications' portfolio of over 400 customers includes: IBM, JP Morgan, VISA, Shell, US Army, US Air Force, CA, HP, Cisco, Intel, AT&T, MCI, Nortel, Alcatel Lucent, BMC, InfoVista, and Ericsson. For more information on Gambit and MIMIC, please visit

MIMIC provides an inexpensive way for enterprises, device vendors, management software developers and outsourcers to evaluate, test, demo, develop, train and certify management applications without purchasing equipment and maintaining labs for those functions. MIMIC has the ability to simulate up to 20,000 devices from one workstation. MIMIC simulations can be distributed over multiple platforms for enterprise simulation testing of even larger environments. MIMIC includes user-friendly wizards for importing new MIBs, recording large networks, creating device simulations and network topologies, and provides full support for SNMP(v1, v2, v3), DHCP, TFTP, RMON(1, 2) as well as Telnet/Cisco IOS.

More about the Global Tivoli Software Community (TUG): The TUG Community is a network of over 100 User Groups around the world, comprising over 13,000 community members. The TUG website is the information and community hub for User Groups, Business Partners, IT professionals and business users. It is a diverse and knowledgeable network of members engaged in local and global collaborative activities related to IBM Tivoli software. Members include IBM Tivoli customers, developers, IBM business partners, consultants and IBMers (technical, support & sales). Please visit the TUG community at

Group Intelligence Inc. and The Global Tivoli Software Community: Group Intelligence (GI) is a U.S.-based "web 2.0" firm that specializes in community-based ecosystems and business collaboration services for the technology market. GI has been operating "eCommunities" since 2000. In 2002, the company launched The Global Tivoli Community, and continues to play a leadership role in driving membership growth, increasing community vitality and advancing the community's evolution. For more information, please contact, visit the GI website at or telephone Ahmondyllah Oliver at 1 201 633-4762

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