Gambit's SNMP Agent Simulator Delivers Cost-Efficient

Simulation Capabilities Without Disturbing  Mission-Critical Networks

NASHUA, N.H., April 7, 1998--Gambit Communications, Inc. (Gambit) today announced a development partnership with Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA) to integrate Gambit's MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator with CA's Unicenter TNG, the industry's leading end-to-end enterprise management solution.  The integrated solution will enable organizations to use Gambit's MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator to observe off-line how their networks react to events that would normally strain a production environment - protecting their mission-critical networks.  Users can then customize Unicenter TNG's network management policies to protect against these scenarios. 

MIMIC SNMP Simulator can simulate more than 200 SNMP-manageable devices on a single Intel PC or Solaris workstation.  MIMIC is designed to complement laboratories used for development, testing, marketing, sales, training, support and evaluation of SNMP-based network management applications.  MIMIC SNMP Simulator also allows customers to evaluate alternative complex network scenarios and offers unlimited scalability, enabling evaluation of virtually any size enterprise-management model. 

"By integrating its SNMP Agent Simulator with the inherent management capabilities of Unicenter TNG, our clients will enjoy a tremendously powerful combination of management functions for SNMP-based applications," said Carl Hartman, CA vice president of development partner programs.  "This useful capability enables Unicenter TNG clients to evaluate applications before purchase, and test current and future network scenarios without compromising the stability of their existing networks." 

MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator provides a simulated network management environment of unlimited scale - at a fraction of the cost of traditional laboratories.  By utilizing MIMIC simulation technology, administrators can analyze and prepare the Unicenter TNG network management environment to deal with a host of network-related issues.  Management policies can be tested in an accurate, non-mission-critical setting provided by the agent simulator.  MIMIC can be used to help train MIS staff on routine and crisis tasks, without impacting production networks. 

"Robust and multi-functional management tools like Unicenter TNG are essential for the effective management of clients' increasingly complex heterogeneous networks," said Uwe Zimmermann, Gambit president.  "Our relationship with Computer Associates will greatly benefit our mutual customers by providing effective off-line testing capabilities of complex heterogeneous environments." 

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Unicenter TNG is an integrated enterprise management solution that enables organizations to manage all IT resources, encompassing heterogeneous networks, systems, applications, and databases.  It provides comprehensive end-to-end enterprise management for TCP/IP, SNA, IPX/SPX and DECnet networks, and 40 platforms including desktops, Windows NT, UNIX, AS/400, NetWare and mainframe environments.

Unicenter TNG is the only fully integrated management solution covering network discovery, topology, performance, events and status, security, software distribution, storage, workload, help desk, change management and other functions for traditional and distributed computing environments, as well as for the Internet and intranets.  Unicenter TNG's intelligent manager/agent technology delivers highly scalable management of the entire computing environment, including hardware and software.

Gambit Communications, Inc. develops and markets network management support tools that enable effective enterprise-wide network management.  MIMIC SNMP Agent Simulator is used by leading network management manufacturers to improve their products.  Headquartered in Nashua, N.H., USA, Gambit can be reached by e-mail at, by phone at 1-603-881-3500, or on the World Wide Web at


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